Healthy Place to Work - It's Time to Step Forward and Lead

The ultimate accolade for any organisation will be the creation of a place where individuals can flourish. A place where talents and roles are matched, and people are finding real meaning.

One of the most important health decisions in your life

In this video John Ryan CEO of Healthy Place to Work explains why he believes choosing a job and workplace can be one of the biggest health decisions you will ever make in your life

Healthy Individual

This video investigates how Healthy Place to Work defines a Healthy Individual

Healthy Organisation

This video describes how Healthy Place to Work defines a Healthy Organisation

Organisation Culture - The Ultimate Flash Mob

In this video we show how the development of an organisation's culture is similar to a Flash Mob. An organisation often starts with an idea in someone's head. Then they have to inspire others to come on the journey. Slowly but surely they set the culture for others to follow. Will everybody stay in step? Is everybody aligned and in time?

Tips for creating your Healthy Place Development Plan

This video will give you an insight into what we want to see in your Healthy Place Development Plan. Remember this is a living document that will be constantly updated showing your journey to create a Healthy Place to Work. We explain the key aspects and what we will be looking for so your submission can best reflect your work.

How to get Certified

This video describes the three part process involved in getting Certified as a Healthy Place to Work

Why its more important than ever to be a Healthy Place to Work

In this video John Ryan CEO of Healthy Place to Work explains why it is more important than ever that organisations and their leaders resolve to create Healthy Places to Work across the world.

Jarlath Dooley Version 1 talks about Healthy Place to Work

In this video Jarlath Dooley explains how the Healthy Place to Work model has helped Version 1 achieve better performance and why he would encourage others to start on the journey to transform their organisation into Healthy Places to Work.

What is different about Healthy Place to Work

In this video John Ryan CEO of Healthy Place to Work outlines the key differences between Healthy Place to Work and other approaches to organisational health and wellbeing

History of Healthy Place to Work (so far!)

In this video you will learn about the inspiration for Healthy Place to Work as an organisation. It also shares how the model and methodology were developed and tested. It charts the development of the brand and logo and finally highlights the first clients to test and pilot, as well as become certified as officially Healthy Places to Work.

Health Place to Work Presentation at Mental Health Summit

John Ryan CEO Healthy Place to Work shares a story about checking in your 'baggage' into lost property so you can move on.

An Tánaiste Leo Varadkar T.D. launches 'Healthy Place to Work' on St. Patrick's Day 2021

On the 17th of March 2021 Ireland's Deputy Prime Minister (An Tánaiste) Leo Varadkar T.D. Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment launched Healthy Place to Work from Ireland.